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White Walls

Our Approach

360 Total Management 

Property Management at its core is about people. At PPS, we recognize that landlords can play a vital role in a community and we are committed to help bring housing stability for at risk populations throughout the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and their surrounding communities. 


We incorporate an active management approach that focuses on bridging resources to challenged populations while tenanted in our properties. Our goal is simple; tenants stay housed not only for their own stability, but for the community and for our investors seeking to avoid continued property turn-over costs.  


We have established relationships with community entities offering important resources such as; workforce placement, education, and financial services, and health services. We are able to connect tenants with resources to help fit needs. This is all reinforced by our proactive approach to management as our team works to get ahead of potential issues and provide real time data for investors about the social impact and financial performance of assets.   

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